Virgo Package

Virgo Package


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You'll get the Virgo themed:
-Cosmetic Bag
-Luggage Tag

Details on bundle items:
This Virgo pillowcase proudly displays the name and symbol for the sign: the virgin! The pillowcase is standard size (able to fit the average sized pillow) and made from 100% polyester.
Cosmetic Bag: Adorable 5x6 in cosmetic bag featuring Virgo: the virgin! Made of durable plastic, this bag can easily be cleaned! This cosmetic bag is an excellent place to keep jewelry, make up or a phone.
Luggage Tag:Adorable 2x4in ID Tag/Luggage tag with the Virgo name and symbol: the virgin! Perfect for traveling or an every day backpack. There's a blank card inside the tag, but it's possible to put any normal sized ID card inside as well! This tag attaches using a 5 in metal belt loop. It can be attached, removed and changed an infinite amount of times for years of use!